In the UK, a television channel was created especially for dogs and their owners

In the United Kingdom, dogs and their owners will soon have the opportunity to discover DogTV, which is fully dedicated to them.

DogTV is a dog TV channel. Launched across our channel across the channel on November 8th, the service will broadcast special programs for masters and their dog companions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DogTV was developed as a result of scientific research on the physical and psychological needs of pets, their moods, and responses to audio and visual stimuli. Metro. Colors, audio frequencies and camera alignment have been modified to suit the dog’s senses.

This innovative concept aims to help our furry friends overcome loneliness, stress or separation anxiety. ” DogTV is a great resource for owners to overcome some of the behavioral problems that can arise when dogs are alone. », The scientist explained Nicholas Todman.

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Useful TV channel for dogs just like their owners

DogTV also offers programs designed to help owners better understand and care for their 4-legged peers. At the event, you will find tips for living in harmony with the pet and cooking tips for dogs.

This plan may seem a little strange to some at first … ” There are people who think that DogTV is a different concept, but when I tell them that it can help their dogs cope with stress and improve their lives dramatically, they understand. », Said the behavioral expert Victoria Stillwell.

DogTV currently broadcasts in several countries, including the United States, Brazil and China. In France, it was launched in 2012, but was unfortunately discontinued. British citizens, two-legged and four-legged, should soon be able to sit back and relax comfortably behind their televisions!

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