In the Robin des Boise forest, nature lovers “out of control” violate residents

According to legend, Robin Hood once roamed there to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Nowadays, visitors to the Sherwood Forest often meet nature lovers. A petition has been initiated

The Sherwood Forest in central England is considered to be the home of Robin Hood, a famous character hunted by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Every year, many tourists come to admire its oak trees, which are the oldest in Europe and feel the atmosphere of the adventures of the most famous “British Brigade”. All other people appreciate this place: nature lovers, it does not suit the taste of Robert Robinson, Who initiated an online petition seeking the intervention of the authorities.

“Recently, nudists sometimes walk in groups of 12 people,” says this local man in a petition speech, “since he met a man naked in the bush when his wife stopped jogging in the woods.

He complains about signs that are supposed to welcome nature lovers by asking them to dress when they return to their vehicle.

“It’s scary”

“There is no need to walk naked. Clothes will not stop you from admiring the forest,” he stormed in. “Since June 2020, there have been many naked men, and it is intimidating,” one user agreed on the petition side. Observer Dave complained last May that he was hanging out with groups of “naked people who lost control.”

These allegations have caused embarrassment to the authorities. It is legal in the UK to be naked in public unless it is considered a behavioral assault or assault.

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which manages the site, explained that nature lovers have been visiting the site frequently for “decades” and that their presence was “tolerable and in fact legal, they adopted a particular behavior”.

The organization notes that it was condemned by the incident The petition was not reported to him and he recommends contacting the police to report such situations.

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