In the “new spirit” of US-Israel cooperation

The Afghan crisis has turned everything upside down. The attacks in Kabul on the morning of August 26 completely monopolized Joe Biden, forcing him to postpone his meeting with Naphtali Bennett until Friday. However the visit of the Prime Minister of Israel was eagerly awaited. Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, some foreign leaders had the opportunity to see the US president at the White House in July, such as President Angela Merkel or King Abdullah II of Jordan. But the closeness of the strategic relationship between the United States and Israel, and the subsequent entry into the post-Netanyahu era, added a historical dimension to the meeting. Joe Biden in particular did not know Naphtali Bennett personally.

The Israeli Prime Minister wanted to propose “A New Spirit” Cooperation in Washington. In qualifications, however, no surprises were expected. The main difference is Iran and its nuclear program. The United States still hopes to revive the Iran nuclear deal (JCPoA), which it withdrew under President Trump, which has provoked hostility from Israel.

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But talks between the diplomats of the signatory countries in Vienna were interrupted at the request of Tehran in early June, due to the presidential election, which saw the victory of radical conservative Ibrahim Razi. Iran has not yet confirmed a date for the resumption of talks. However, as more time flies, the chances of success decrease as the nuclear program progresses. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Iran has for the first time produced up to 20% of enriched uranium metal and increased its production capacity for enriched uranium to 60%. These are gross violations of its own obligations. But Washington is not yet ready to admit the failure of the attempt in Vienna.

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“Reduce Risks”

The sanctions expected by Trump and Netanyahu have had no effect on Iran. Recognizes an Israeli diplomat. Bennett is trying to underscore the most negative change in Tehran with the June elections. ” Unlike Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister wants to avoid speaking out on the issue. But he is defending his country’s military base, which is suspected of several daring sabotage operations against Iran’s nuclear program. According to New York Times On Thursday, the Israeli Mossad warned U.S. counterparts in April, two hours before the explosives at the dance plant.

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