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“What’s happening in Quebec is Grande Allée coming back to life,” notes Saint-Hubert Grill Branch Manager, Stéphane Lapointe.

He notes the street has been more frequented since June 24, and isn’t complaining: The restaurant’s sales have doubled. With the Quebec City Summer Festival in full swing, the FEQ Public Square, the VUES Gallery and evening shows, people walk or bike and come and sit nearby when they’re hungry.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm to go out, and it shows. We are at a low capacity, but every night we are satiated,” the director explains. He was preparing to see a line form on the sidewalk at 5 p.m.

FEQ Lunch Boxes, a turnkey initiative to support restaurant owners, is also popular with participating companies.

“We’re glad to see something alive again!” Cheers Mr. Lapointe.

The late-night rushes certainly aren’t what they were this year when tens of thousands of people leave the Plains of Abraham at the end of the show, but Grande Allée moves on.

Saint-Hubert takes the opportunity, however, to close its doors early, at 10 p.m., to allow its employees to rest.

A few steps away, at L’Atelier bistro, evenings start early and end late, co-owner Fabio Monti assures. He testifies, “Yesterday at 10 pm the street was full, as during a period of normal inquiries.”

“It’s a special edition, so we knew it would be better than if there was no edition at all, but we didn’t know how much and we were really pleasantly surprised.” Festival-goers are moving in, perhaps to relive the festival’s “habitual madness”, which is often associated with the Grande Allée due to their proximity.

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