In the galley, soldiers intimidate immigrants with jeeps and “uncomfortable” pictures

On Sunday, December 19, a video of soldiers sliding near an immigration camp in Calais went viral on social media. A scene “Captivating”, The comments in this British newspaper refresh the tensions over migration restrictions between France and the United Kingdom.

Images were spoken on both sides of the channel. We see the French army circling 4×4 at high speed and sliding the chain in the mud, just a few meters from the immigration camp in Calais.

The video, published by several media outlets and published by French journalist Louis Vitter, has gone viral on social media.

Paradoxically, Refers to the British tabloid Daily Mail, Journalist “He later posted photos on Twitter showing immigrants helping to clear the vehicle.”. The French soldiers of the Vigibrate mission were finally aided by those who tried to intimidate them.

French army in distress

Quoted Daily Mail, Armed Forces Ministry Spokeswoman Herv Grantzine, (posted on Twitter): “These behaviors are not entirely in line with the values ​​of our forces.”. The military also responded to the video on Twitter: “It simply came to our notice then. A command inquiry is triggered immediately.

This video The issue of border surveillance is part of a tense situation between the United Kingdom and France, the newspaper comments:

This captivating scenario reinforces allegations that France has not done enough to tackle illegal immigration, with 54 million in aid from Britain.

The video was filmed near an immigration camp near a freight terminal in Kalais, where migrants try to get into trucks bound for the UK. According to a British newspaper, “27,000 illegal immigrants have entered the UK this year, mostly after dangerous voyages in inflatable boats that do not go to sea. On Thursdays and Fridays alone, 900 people passed.”.

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