In the face of an explosion in prices, a country is on strike

There is bad news almost every day on the purchasing power front in the UK. On Friday August 26, Britain’s energy regulator (Ofgem) indicated that electricity and gas prices would rise by 80% from October 1. The equalizer via the French Commission for Energy Regulatory (CRE) channel is already planning another increase ” enormous “ During the next development, in three months.

An explosion in costs, along with inflation of 10.1% this summer, a record among G7 countries, will further fuel the “don’t pay” movement, in which more than 120,000 citizens have already committed to not paying their next wages. law Project. Collectively, the country, whose Prime Minister Boris Johnson is managing current affairs pending the name of his successor, known on September 5, is witnessing the multiplication of large-scale social movements.

Biggest move in decades

On Sunday and Monday, 1,600 London bus drivers, employees of a subsidiary of the RATP, were called to a halt to work to demand higher wages until inflation. The strike follows those recorded during the past ten days in the capital’s trains and metros.

In other strikes, the UK’s largest in decades, the 1,900 dockers at the country’s largest shipping port, Felixstowe, which handles 48% of the country’s inbound container trade, protested over their excessively low wages for eight days. The first in thirty years.

Other movements have already been scheduled in several sectors. Postal workers, garbage collectors, lawyers and social workers have announced that they will again halt their activities for several days in September. Initiatives encouraged by victories are sometimes wrested by unions from employers. Thus, wage increases of 12.9% and 13% were recorded in August at two subsidiaries of the Stagecoach Bus Group.

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The convergence of struggles

In the face of widespread mobilization, major British unions have just made several proposals ahead of the September conference of the TUC (Trade Union Congress), the federal organization of central centres, to synchronize their movements in the fall. According to the Daily WatchmanThe initiative, which notably includes the two largest unions, Unite and Unison, should in the coming weeks lead to industrial strike wave.

Less than a general strike, representatives prefer to entrust the TUC to ensure the general strike “Overlapping” To have the greatest impact, the “The most effective way to harness their union power to win”.

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