In the Bertranges district, the social and cultural space La Pépinière traces its course as close as possible to users

With a team of nearly forty employees, social and cultural space (ESC) La Pépinière weaves its network into the former charitable district. “Initially it was a local community center, we became associations in 2017 and since then we have spread to fourteen municipalities around La Charité,” recalls Isabelle Gallois, director for nearly two years.

ESC is located in a former nursery in La Charité-sur-Loire, hence its name and plays on it: “We are a proximity garden, open to all. We plant, grow and grow civic projects. One of its major projects was newly undertaken, and it took off on a fast track: a roving truck that drove across Bertrang area every day since last September.

The roving van of the social and cultural space La Pépinière has entered into force

“We have been working on this truck for three years, and this truck is there to transport events but it also bears the name France Services, and is the only mobile France Services truck in Nièvre,” the manager is proud.

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“It’s a tool to spread our activities, up to seven days a week, to meet all audiences,” adds Tony Chardon, Deputy Director since June 2020. “We are preparing game library activities with this truck, in particular, and that will be enhanced in 2022. We are also going To the La Marche and Raveau markets, on Sundays.”

youth integration

Another great novelty, the gourmet walks: “We’ve already done three, Saturdays, at Narci, Nani and Ravo,” the deputy director recounts. “For half a day, we set out to discover the towns’ heritage and local products (honey, cheeses, oils, etc.) with elected and resident officials, and then do a cooking workshop on the spot, followed by a meal. Sometimes, after that, we have a nice gymnastics workshop or workshop Sophroology, let’s take it in! » The 2022 Gourmet Walking Tours calendar is being prepared.

2022 will be punctuated by three more highlights. Starting with the Connected Generation System, which consists of helping people who are not comfortable with digital tools, and help provided by people aged 12-17: “This project started after the health crisis, and a new session will take place during the February holiday.”

And then the Economic and Social Council will have a common denominator about the fight against discrimination: “We will mobilize all sectors, from early childhood to the elderly, and involve professionals. A team will be formed on this topic among our employees.”

The third axis, the professional integration of youth: the youth sector and the mobile van, with local actors for integration, including the local mission, will be invited to reach, inform and assist the youth in the territory. ..

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“The health crisis has challenged the way we work, it has developed resilience. We are sticking and we have to.”

Social work, but also economic

The Economic and Social Council has risen to the status of an important player in the region. “We are a big structure, like a company,” the director notes. “We work with local partners: mayors, associations, schools … and La Charité College, where we have our place. We also have a strong partnership with the Reception Center for Asylum Seekers and the Cité du Mot. Our work has an economic and social impact on the Territory. For example, these will be It is the third year that we fund Bafa for young people, with the help of CAF. There are more than 900 members, the majority of them are families, because we run multiple reception and entertainment activities. The elderly are greatly affected by transportation on demand. And we created for them, after the health crisis, a nice sports activity: it is Works well, every Friday at La Charité.”

Beren Volbert

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