In Seoul, squid game mania invades the Halloween parade

Parade – unsurprisingly but proudly, dressed in the costumes of characters from the Netflix series squid game that South Koreans flocked to the Itaewon nightlife district in Seoul on Saturday, October 30, to celebrate Halloween (See the video above).

“As expected, I see a lot of costumes from squid game Here and a lot of people wear it. “It’s just like the show,” said Seol Hyuk Joo, 27, who wore the red jumpsuit the bouncers wore at the show.

“Korean Made Characters”

South Korea, Asia’s fourth largest economy, has established itself as a global entertainment hub thanks to its vibrant pop culture, including BTS’ group and films like parasite, satire about social class and society, and threatened, which tells the story of a Korean immigrant family in the United States. Cultural heaviness multiplied with the distribution of the “Squid Game” series, which has become an almost global phenomenon and is not always without consequences.

A mother of two said she was proud to see “Korean made characters” bring Halloween to life. “I hope we will wear costumes like hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) at future Halloween parties to honor our country,” she added.

According to Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service, squid game watched 142 million families Since its launch on September 17, allowing it to add 4.38 million new subscribers.

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