in pictures | Their boat goes dangerously over the edge of the dam

Four people on a small boat had to be rescued when their boat came down the edge of a dam in Austin, Texas, on Thursday.

The Austin Police Department responded to a call about a boat that was at the edge of the Longhorn Dam, but he was unaware that the boaters were in such a delicate position.

And according to CNN, the situation could have been much worse if customers had not shown up so quickly.

“It would have been really tragic if they had crossed the barrier,” Austin Police Deputy Chief Constable Scott Perry said at a news briefing.

“It’s a really high dam and there may be serious injuries or even loss of life,” he added.

The group, which is not from Austin, was taking an electric boat on Lady Bird Lake and very close to the dam’s draining stream.

The occupants of the boat were distracted and did not notice that they had passed two wheels, indicating that they were turning.

“When they realized they were about to reach the dam, they tried to turn around to avoid it, but the suction was too strong and pulled them against the dam,” said Bradley Smith, a member of the police department’s Marine Patrol unit.

According to the deputy police chief, reported by CNN, the boat got stuck over a water drain and did not have enough strength to free itself.

The group then contacted the boat rental company, which was able to impound the boat and prevent it from going any further.

The rescue maneuver was also difficult for the officers.

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“It was really stressful, because when we got close to the boat we had to make sure we didn’t move it too much so it wouldn’t fall off the edge of the embankment, but we had to get there fast enough so it wouldn’t fall on its own,” Constable Smith said.

The story ended well, the four people on the boat were rescued and uninjured

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