In Northampton County, Republicans are betting big

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With the “midterms” in sight, all eyes are on Pennsylvania, a hotly contested “swing state.” By then, one district can make all the difference. Located north of Philadelphia in rural America, Northampton swings Republican or Democratic from one election to the next. Republican voters are determined to make their candidates win.

With our special correspondent in Pennsylvania, Laubna Anagi

In Northampton, political polls are shown on large screens in lawns and windows. At first glance, the Republican candidates seem more popular.

Some point the finger at the administration earlier, but you look at who is in power today and what are they doing? Nothing. Nothing has changed, the situation is still worse!

Comment shared by others, here. After mass, Al and Samantha explain why they should vote Republican on Tuesday.

There is inflation that affects us at all levels and is very important. Then again, I’m a Catholic, so the question of abortion is close to my heart. I believe life is sacred.

I am Catholic, pro-life, and I care deeply about our children’s future, their education.

In 2016, Northampton voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Then to Biden in 2020. Democrats have lost many voters here, and those who remain, like Maya, worry about the outcome of the vote.

Extreme views such as the election being stolen are very popular. We’re seeing pro-Trump, pro-Oz flags everywhere, and it’s horrible.

Here, the race for senator will be tight and could decide the outcome in Pennsylvania.

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