In New York, private sector employees are now forced to be vaccinated


After medical staff, New York City is forcing city staff, teachers, and all private sector employees to be vaccinated against Govt-19. The decision by Mayor Bill de Blasio will take effect on Monday, December 27, which is necessary to tackle the new wave of pollution. Violators face a $ 1,000 fine.

With our correspondent in New York, Lapna Anaki

At his souvenir shop in Manhattan, Syed says he’s ready: all of his staff have already been vaccinated. ” How it is, we have to follow the rules. All I want is to run my shop, so come get me vaccinated and buy stuff ! He scoffs.

And Vaccination duty It has not changed anything for him, especially for businesses like his that he considers necessary, sometimes interacting with clients who have not vaccinated themselves: ” Some are completely against the vaccine. So this is a good idea , He says succinctly.

In total, nearly 184,000 companies are affected by this new vaccine obligation.

Employers need to reassure their employees To be vaccinated. If one of them refuses, they have the option of firing him or leaving him for teleworking. They should keep records with the immunization information of their employees.

While the majority seems to be yielding to the regime, not everyone likes it. Mike works in construction. He’s going to be vaccinated, but he feels he has no choice: ” This is the United States, freedom of choice. Children can be guided by their parents. But we are adults ! I am 58 years old !

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If this new move is to strengthen the fight against Govt-19. It should be noted that 90% of New Yorkers have already received at least one dose.

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