In NATO, the Europeans asked the United States for guarantees on the airlift

Officially, the meeting of foreign ministers, which took place on Friday 20 August in the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), was aimed at alleviating the immediate consequences of the Afghan crisis, that is, coordinating efforts to evacuate the nationals and personnel of the coalition forces. Afghan collaborators. But the challenge was also to unite ranks and demonstrate the unity of the transatlantic alliance, while several European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom, criticized the chaotic withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan, and soon followed the return of the Taliban to power, thus indicating the failure of the intervention of the West in this country , which was nonetheless one of NATO’s most important missions.

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« The situation is still very difficult and unpredictableAnd Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the organization, noted after the meeting held by video link. The irony is that we have more planes than passengers “,” He pointed out the difficulties that those qualified to leave face to reach Kabul Airport. On Thursday, a plane sent by Romania left with only one passenger on board. Sixteen Belgians were evacuated to Pakistan on Friday, but a second Belgian military flight returned empty to Islamabad.

The Taliban have cordoned off the area around the airport and are violently preventing the Afghans from reaching it. The confusion may be to the point that once they get past the roadblock of Islamist fighters, some Afghans struggle to get through the airport gates, guarded by American soldiers. “We have to find the right balance between securing the airport and allowing access to those who have to leave. “,” Explains a diplomatic source. Time is running out, as no one knows when the Taliban will start to run out of patience with the presence of foreign forces.

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“This failure will have a huge impact.”

The 30 NATO members pledged to maintain coordination on Friday « As long as the evictions continue ». Will the United States keep its forces there beyond the August 31 deadline? ‘Many allies raised the question’And Note Mr. Stoltenberg. President Joe Biden reiterated that the United States, which provides airport security with the United Kingdom and Turkey, will not leave Kabul as long as Americans and Afghan collaborators are present to evacuate them. But what about the citizens of other countries and their Afghan employees?

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