In Montpellier, researchers explore the possible link between pesticides and Alzheimer’s disease

The Alzheimer’s disease It affects 900,000 people in France. In Montpellier (Herault), researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences are studying in particular the relationship between disease and exposure to pesticides. Specialists are working on the potential effects of these chemicals “On the formation of the central nervous system” Sylvain Lehmann, director of the institute, explained that free lunch . A link could already exist.

Mice were fed a mixture of insecticides

Scientists hypothesized that what happens when the nervous system forms at a young age could have an effect on diseases that are contracted later. Our colleagues explain that Alzheimer’s disease is one of them. To determine the potential effect, the researchers studied mice that show signs of the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The animals were fed a mixture of the corresponding pesticides What we find in our foodThe director told local media. At the end of the protocol, the specialists were able to establish that the exposed rodents showed signs of Alzheimer’s disease “more important”. The expert softened the conclusion that the same thing happens in humans, it would be too fast.

Prevention information

Please speak to the regional newspaper ’cause for concern’ So is the potential for an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, especially if infectious agents are added to the equation. The daily specifies that researchers now want to find out if there are clinical signs of disease, beyond the biological markers involved in their work, but there are also ways to prevent.

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