In Montargues, the Gambetta School will be sold to the Espace Association for €750,000

This Monday, July 11, during the last meeting of the Municipal Council before the summer recess, representatives of Montargua elected They voted to lower the level of Gambetta SchoolWhich was closed at the beginning of the year.
On July 7, at the end of the school year, the downtown institution closed its doors for good. Pupils will join Pasteur School in September.

In Montargues, the last exhibition of the Gambetta School, which will be closed permanently

Citizens of Montargois and the list of Montargis for everyoneHe lamented, through the voices of Alphonse Provett and Bruno Notin, that the city had separated from these buildings, referring to the “heritage sale”.

Real estate valued the site at 760,000 euros

The sale of the school was also approved. Domains estimated the site at 760,000 euros. The association Espace, which operates in the medical-social sector (prevention, vaccination, fight addiction, etc.) and which is currently based on rue Perrier, made an offer of 750,000 euros. The proposal was accepted by the city council.

The new Montargis group of schools will open their doors at the beginning of the 2025 academic year, in La Chaussée

The mayor, Benoit Dijon (LR), noted that the sale of this property was part of another project, the construction of a collection dedicated to early childhood, Kruporough Street, estimated to cost 9 million euros.
But the opposition elected officials, who do not agree with this decision, made it clear that the transition to an association recognized for its actions towards the population, was More satisfying than selling to investors.

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