In London, there is no ceasefire for vaccination

Via with AFP

The British press reports that the results for the new twist of the screw may take place on Monday

It’s not yet noon on December 25th, when some people still open their gifts, a line is already forming in front of the anti – Govt vaccination center in Redbridge. In the face of the meteoric spread of the Omicron variant in the UK, the government’s recall campaign is being carried out at an unprecedented rate, not taking the Christmas holidays.

The vaccination center is located in the town hall of Redbridge, a popular district in the British capital.

Justin Talis / AFP

Faced with the widespread contamination of the highly contagious Omigran variant he described as a “wave wave”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a public mobilization to deliver a booster dose to all adults by the end of the year. More than 32 million people have already benefited from this third dose, or 56% of those aged 12 and over, approaching one million injections a day.

More than 700 soldiers were invited to join the national effort, volunteers gathered and it was decided not to be vaccinated even during the Christmas party. The number of cases has risen to more than 100,000 a day in recent days.

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