In Japan, the Internet speed is 319,000 times higher than that of optical fibers

As some of you are preparing To welcome Fiber And we will happily tell each other about an internet speed of about 500Mbit/s, in Japan, we just broke the internet speed record. In fact, while the previous record held by National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (or NIICT) was 178 terabytes/sec, and this same organization literally broke the internet during its last test.

New record for internet speed in Japan

In fact, during an international conference on optical fiber communications, the National Institute of Information Technology (NIICT) wanted to explain its latest achievement, transmitting data over 3,000 meters of conventional optical fibers, but at a speed never seen before. And the least we can say is that the process was a huge success, with an impressive speed of 319 TB / s.

A speed that could, in theory, allow you to download several hundred movies in high definition, in one second. It is clear that the test was carried out under ideal conditions, which makes it possible to ensure the perfect flow and to reach this speed “in the real lifeIt won’t be possible for a few years. In addition, the engineers here used a new technology aimed at fusing four cores of optical fibers into a standard cable.

It is a new technology that allows, of course, to support such a speed in transmission, and it is called split wavelength. The latter is specifically aimed at avoiding interference as much as possible, by distributing the signal over different bands. Remember that you can find Comparison of the best Internet boxes at this address.

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This technology, which operates with a standard sheath diameter, is attractive for rapid use for high speed and long distance links, because it is compatible with conventional cable infrastructure and must have mechanical reliability comparable to that of fibres.“Explain the engineers. Strongly then!

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