In front of London, the endless patience of Europeans

Denial – EU member states are showing endless patience as British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss replaces David Frost as head of negotiations.

Reporter in Brussels

So here is Brussels facing a new British interlocutor on Brexit. Seventh since 2016. Following the sudden resignation of a recalcitrant David Frost, the committee must now negotiate with one of the former officials.”the rest»Be pro-Brexit, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

The first exchange took place last week between this supposedly ambitious woman – aspiring to be Prime Minister Boris Johnson – and the commissioner in charge of the case, Maros Sivkovic. “I’m not one of those people who thinks everything will change because Frost is gone. Truss will be mobilized to satisfy the toughest Brexit», analyzes MEP Nathalie Loiso, co-chair of the group responsible for monitoring EU-UK relations in the European Parliament.

The Northern Ireland Protocol has been called into question

Indeed, the very few hopes that Brussels had placed in Les Truss quickly faded. “The British position has not changed. We need merchandise…

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