In France, as in the United Kingdom, “decisions are made from above without any logic,” insists Olivier Gaddy.

This is a decision that no other country in the EU cares about for centrist Olivier Cadig, a French senator living outside France. From Monday, August 2, even if vaccinated, those from France (again) should be isolated and presented with two negative tests, one on the second day and the other on the eighth day. Interview with this senator who lives in London, half the time.

Do you understand these steps?

Honestly, no. This is a random action that I do not understand. When I return to the UK, at home, I have to isolate myself for ten days despite having a negative PCR test and having my two vaccines. To get out of this loneliness, I had to do two tests at my expense, which cost a hundred euros. Is this a healthy or political decision? I do not know. But then again, what is the logic when you are fully vaccinated and your PCR test is negative?

The vaccinated person can spread govt … Don’t you think the UK is trying to reduce positive cases on its soil?

In this case, why bother with France alone? Again, this is random. I do not recognize the United Kingdom today. When I went there in 1997, it was the most open country I knew. Now it is one of the most closed in Europe. Difficulties appear on the spot, shelves start to empty, small carriers are abandoned because they are afraid they will get stuck in the UK, but due to new regulatory issues …

There you are talking about Brexit.

Yes, and Govt made things worse. I do not see how the situation will improve between the ten days of forced isolation of people crossing France and the current difficulty of working in the UK from Brexit.

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With Brexit, the UK once became a distant country close by. Can’t continue like this anymore. It is uninhabitable for people living on horseback between the two countries. Frankly, I think this is a UK government volunteer. I have a plan I can’t explain to myself.

In France, how do French people living abroad return?

Nothing big makes sense here. When you test Kovit positive, you have the right to go shopping for two hours without problem. What was banned during imprisonment since March 2020. No stability. The same goes for vaccines. French people living abroad have been asked to be vaccinated at their place of residence. But today, these people who have been vaccinated with the WHO-approved vaccine are considered unvaccinated in France.

Another difficulty is that PCR tests are often beneficial for French people living abroad who have come to spend their vacation in France. This is despite the government claiming that they are free.

The worst thing is the sense of this permanent change, the contempt for our policies. Once one is amazed at the consistency of the actions, Olivier Groom accepts the harsh discourse by taking refuge behind a scientific justification, which quickly makes the discussion difficult or impossible. What makes me sad today is that in both countries, decisions are made from above, without any logic or evaluating the effectiveness of their use on the ground.

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