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It makes me shiver.

The Football Supporters’ Association, an organization representing supporters in England and Wales, surveyed about 2,000 women who had visited a men’s soccer match to see if they had already attended a men’s soccer match. stadium. Obviously, the results were overwhelming. According to this study, 20% of the women questioned admit that they are victims of unwanted physical touches. 34% also claimed to have heard sexist comments before.

Watford fan Kate Lauers spoke in an interview with Sky Sports about the growing insecurity for women in UK stadiums. “I was asked how I feel when I watch a match away from home. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I wouldn’t go alone, not without the guy around. It’s a real problem” , explains this woman, creator of the Women of Watford FC group that consists of Giving women a more important voice within the club And “Empowering the Next Generation of Supporters” .

No, pitch invasions are not the only problem in stadiums.

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