In England, day-to-day life hasn’t really started yet

The British were divided over the future King Charles III

The Queen’s funeral led to great and solemn festivities in London. The British attended the funeral procession in large numbers to pay their last respects to their queen. Now that a page has been turned, what do these Britons think of their new king, Charles III? Outside Westminster Abbey, crowds disperse after Elizabeth II’s funeral. His son Charles now takes over. Is he a good king? Evelyn, 88, is skeptical: ” I don’t know, really, I don’t. I was a total Queen fan so I didn’t know what to think of King Charles! »

Charles, who has seen himself lose his temper on several occasions in recent days, has not always benefited from maintaining a good public image. But Beverly likes to believe she’s evolved with age. She was interrogated by our special envoys in London. Muriel Barton And Bertrand Hagler. As Charles matured, he learned from his mother, She believes. He became warm and approachable. I was impressed with him, a day after losing his mother, he was coming back from Balmoral, he got out of his car and greeted people. I think this is a good start. »

For her part, 19-year-old Ivy wants to focus on the ideas brought by the new king. “I think it will be different, but not bad. He’s ahead of his time, I know. While many people are talking about climate change today, he has been talking about it for a long time. And in this I think he is modern », she says. The 73-year-old king raises a lot of expectations in any event.

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