In decline worldwide, the platform crosses the threshold of 10 million subscribers in France

Netflix continues to make gains in France. The platform now has more than 10 million paying subscribers there, compared to 6.7 million in 2020, co-CEO Ted Sarandos announced in an interview with Sunday newspaper. Thus lifting the veil on these data for the first time in two years.

“We have 222 million subscribers worldwide,” recalls the leader of the American giant, which lost some for the first time this year after a long period of continuous growth. In France, “today we have more than 10 million families. A family represents five accounts, so the number of subscribers (users) is higher. “

When asked about his reasons for attending Monday’s “Choose France” summit, founded by Emmanuel Macron, Ted Sarandos emphasized Netflix’s status as a “great exporter of French culture,” evidenced by the series’ “global successes.” lupine or a movie tirelesslyWith Frank Gastambidi. In addition to investing €200 million this year in French creativity, “we are launching an incubator that will bring together experienced screenwriters and emerging talent to work together, under the leadership of Hollywood model Neil Baer (emergency room And the New York Judicial Police),” he adds, referring to “thirty trainees in France” on home production in 2021.

soon announcement

Despite signing an agreement in January on media chronology, which allows Netflix to stream films 15 months after their theatrical release, as opposed to 36 months before that, his boss still considers this an “unsustainable model”, preferring a “few” weeks” period. .

In general, the manager recalls that the company is working on the “global” launch of a new, cheaper offer with ads, the date of which is “not yet set”, and on a “new billing system” for password sharing. Asked about the potential investment in television sports rights, he believes that this is not in the “interest” of the platform, “given the explosion in the amount of these rights.”

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