In Brive, Christelle Desangles paints space and the stratosphere and dreams of sending her paintings there

His space-inspired paintings caught the attention of NASA astronauts. Photo of Christelle Desangels, Artist with a Head in the Stars, from Brive.

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Galaxies, nebulae, stars and grids Actress Chrystelle Desangels They are real invitations to stratospheric flights. Passionate about abstract art, Christelle Desangels is also passionate about astronomy. Fascinated by the beauty and poetry of the Milky Way, he is a self-taught painter who specializes in celestial art.

In Brives, Christelle Desangles is painting the stratosphere in hopes of sending her paintings into space

For now, Christelle Desangles is working on blue in all its shades. Between gradations and the play of shadow and light and electric tones, his paintings lie midway between seascapes and cosmic landscapes, but are above all to stimulate the imagination. To allow his audience to highlight themselves in his work and interpret it in their own way, the artist does not usually give them a name.

From his modest studio in Brive, in Corrèze, the artist has successfully built an international and spatial reputation. Member of the International Association of Astronomy Artists (IAAA), which aims to promote artists’ work inspired by space, Christelle Desangels has already had the opportunity to exhibit in the United States. It even caught the attention of NASA astronauts such as American Nicole Stott.

The artist sees a lot in his creations, but also in his ambitions. His latest creation: a canvas inspired by Thomas Bisquet’s image in the stratosphere. A job that gave him ideas. “I said to myself, why don’t I present this painting to Thomas Pesquet and send it to the International Space Station. It might be the first artwork in space.”, you dream. But before getting there, the artist has projects that are geographically closer to implement. Will be shown in September at L’App’art de Périgueux exhibitionIt will fly to Chicago in 2022.

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