In Bernay: Bobo opens his co-working space with a concert by Mezzanine

Tom and Stéphanie, two sides of “Bobo”, the new third place on the Rue des Canadiens in Bernay. (© Francois Lefebvre)

The word first appeared in Bernay talks at the end of August. “Have you tested Bobo?” Bobo, the new third place, rue des Canadiens, in Bernay, which gave itself the motto: ‘The beautiful, the good, the good’.

Only local producers

The old barn was completely redesigned, and Tom and Stephanie, the creators of this concept, completely redesigned it. Their faith: local, only, with Normandy as an ocean. The couple wanted to highlight Local producers responsible for the environment. In the restaurant area, fresh produce is brought in the same morning. In the store, as above, artists and craftsmen of our region. Your choice: jeans, cosmetics, jewelry.

For a few days now, Bobo has been welcoming a new activity, a co-working space, also called “coworking” to Globish. Six individual boxes with table, chair and USB sockets (without computer which must be brought). In the common areas, there is the possibility to print or rub shoulders with your neighbor for those who prefer communal living. The atmosphere in the refined leather chair. Large OSB and chipboard panels provide a warm look. For groups that want to present Powerpoint, there are also two meeting rooms (up to at least 20 people). “It’s a joint business but it’s total. There’s sound in the background. People pass by, and there are meals in the afternoon. It’s a place of life, open,” Tom and Stephanie point out.

guitar music

The climate is comfortable. Also, the opening, Friday, October 22, 2021, it was in the same vein. This “overtime,” from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., will feature soft, summery guitar music for the Havrese mezzanine. “This is our first attempt,” explains Tom, “it should be ‘encapsulated’ music.”

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The artist will sing a duet with Marine Nouvel showing her creations in the boutique. During this joyful moment, happy hour will be served. What are you testing in the kitchen? Marine Reynard.

Exercise: Friday, October 22, 2021, 5pm to 9pm at 20 Canadiens Street in Bernay (health permit required). Contact: [email protected] bobo,

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