“In beauty, I’m totally crazy.”

Thomas, you’re still on the radio with “Place Royale” (Saturdays 6 PM) and we just learned that the show is coming back on TV. So the news of crowned heads is still working?

Yeah. On the radio, we continue to try to surprise the listener with topics related to royalty, without censorship and without self-control, in today’s tone. In short, a magazine in its royal edition I know well and I think we can even say that “Place Royale” is more than just a show, it’s a label, a bit like a clothing brand.

Is there really still a public interest in the royal families?

There are two effects. Either, it makes you dream, or it’s annoying but I have the feeling that the crowned heads are already fixed in time, except perhaps in the UK where they are like a gem in a box. In general, we’d almost like to go and shake hands. Queen Elizabeth puts in a lot of effort thanks to her grandchildren. I think separate ownership from people becomes impossible, but yes, it continues to make people dream and they are no longer mysteries.

Thomas, let’s talk about shape … how do you maintain it?

It’s not easy, but thanks to my 2-year-old son and the one who’s set to be in June, I feel he’s keeping us in shape. Makes us younger (laughs). You have to be on the ball all the time.

Do you practice sport?

I try to use my time to move and walk. I love that. With my wife, we walk a lot. Today, when I get the chance, I go out for half an hour at noon to run. I am a fairly soft athlete. Since I moved to the gym, I haven’t been to the gym for two years so watch it all.

The facilitator identifies himself as a “somewhat soft athlete” who loves to ride a bike.

Are you eating healthy?

It really is by period. For the winter we leave it completely. We want to have fun and be warm. On that day, my wife and I made a homemade pizza with good products on it. But I also have good decisions. On weekends I make soup, put it in a thermos in the office, and use it when I want to eat something less dangerous. Otherwise, yes, I am eating healthy. I didn’t put sugar or salt in anything. In the soup, I don’t add salt, butter or cream, sometimes potatoes, that’s it.

What’s your little welfare moment just for you?

We created little bubbles of relaxation. We have a spa abroad. I go there twice a week, in winter as in summer, for 30 to 45 minutes, to relax completely, without a cell phone. I can go there at any time. Sometimes I go there early after picking up my son after nursery or sometimes at 11pm. that’s cool !

Are you a user of beauty care?

Completely. I’m totally crazy. I put the cream on my face morning and evening. I have the impression of no wrinkles thanks to this and I choose my products according to my complexion. I never leave without cream on my face. In the evenings, I apply eye contour to relax them from the many screens.

Thomas will soon be the father of a toddler again in early June.
Thomas will soon be the father of a toddler again in early June.

How did you try confinement?

One advantage was to refocus on a particular form of value. We can see the efforts are paying off but I want to see people again in real life, see friends again, accept them and have a good restaurant.

What do we wish you in 2021?

May my second child be healthy, fabulous, sweet and adorable as the first baby to feel the joy in our lives. Obviously, I think of all of those who are alone. It becomes more difficult to feel lonely at this time. I’m glad we’re out of this story, and that we’re finding a little neglectful because we’re constantly anxious and vigilant.

Your good decisions for next year?

I would like to do more cycling, classic and flat. For 20 years, I have told myself that I have to lose 10 or 12 kilograms, but I lack willpower. Or rather, I have it but it doesn’t last long …

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