In Ariège, Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is gaining more and more followers

Still unknown to the general public, Ultimate Frisbee is developing across the territory, and the first Ariège Final took place last Saturday in Sorba.

Making the game of frisbee throwing a competitive sport is what “Ultimate Frisbee” offers, a specialty that is attracting more and more amateurs in France. And for good reason, beyond throwing a board in a swimsuit at the beach, the sporty version of Frisbee requires every player to have physical endurance and dexterity.

A disc born on the other side of the Atlantic

Born in the 1940s, the flying saucer principle appeared at Yale University in the United States. The similarities with rugby and American football make Ultimate Frisbee the only contact sport that is played without a referee: “Ultimate is played with bars, and you have to go and score from the back of the court in a designated area. It is about 8 meters wide, Germaine, a player from the new Mass Dazel team, confirms. In fact, three teams from the division including Foix (Foix Ultimate Club) and the new club Mas-d’Azil as well as a guest team from Cévennes (Cévennes’Up) witnessed the birth of the first Ultimate Championship for ‘Ariège’ at the Sorba site, made freely available by the municipality last Saturday.

Amateurs, but not only

An amateur sports tournament that combines participation and competition: “I play on two teams: in the Foix, which is two years old, and in the brand-new Mas d’Azil, which is playing for the first time today,” says Laëtitia, player and co-creator of Mas D’Azil : “It’s a sport that I discovered in the States in the university and I really fell in love with, so I continued to work at the club, and continued to do so, and when I moved to Ariège, I played the sport in the existing clubs and then helped create the Mas d’Azil “confirms the sport.
In full swing, this disc sport is open to all levels and all ages in the junior division and some pro players like Louis Duque, number 88 on the Fuxéenne team. Indeed, Sorato from Venezuela has joined the Mérida club Dinamo de Mérida Ultimate Frisbee. A true passion that the athlete will undoubtedly continue to convey in the valley.

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More information on the Foix Ultimate Club Facebook page.

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