In an interview with Al-Sahafa newspaper | May Musk, or How to Raise Three Great Entrepreneurs

Maye Musk, the mother of the famous Elon, but also Kimbal and Tosca, two other very successful and prolific entrepreneurs, did not accompany her three children when they were doing their homework at school in South Africa.

Marie Claude LauarteMarie Claude Lauarte

“I didn’t have the time or the attention,” she explains in a video interview. “I was never far from me, but they had to be independent.”

Is this a component of the recipe for success in raising extraordinary businessmen?

“I also taught them to be courteous, be considerate of others, and behave well.”

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May Musk and her son Elon

You have made them understand that you cannot be good at everything, but with a good idea, to give something basic, you can do a great service to the community. And build a business.

“I always knew they were good kids,” adds the person who travels to the United States to be with them always when they take turns launching one of their projects.

Yes, he left them a lot of space to allow them to be independent at a very young age. But she has always remained close, and informs them of her confidence.

And it worked. We know very well the career of Elon, one of the entrepreneurs behind PayPal, and now one of the leaders of Tesla and SpaceX. But his brother Kimball also has a great career. Initially, Kimball partnered with Elon in the business that led to the creation of PayPal, where he established a network of community restaurants across the United States called The Kitchen Group and a nonprofit organization, Big Green, builds restaurants classrooms in school gardens across the country. Country. Meanwhile, their sister, Tosca, is enjoying a career in movies and has founded a Netflix-style streaming platform called Passionflix, which streams classic romantic movies and brings romantic novels to the screen.

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Their mother, May Musk, a now 73-year-old dietitian with her own never-ending career as a model, lives in New York City. But she was in a virtual interview with us in Canada on Wednesday, where the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) will award her the Outstanding Achievement Award on May 19.

PHOTO ANGELA WEISS, French press archive agency

May Musk

And to say that this woman had a truly exceptional life and career is an understatement.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1948, May moved with her family at the age of two and a half to South Africa, driven by her parents’ taste for adventure, who traveled on their private plane.

Creativity, independence, a taste for risk and new prospects are part of his family’s DNA, and they have been translated into business. “My parents, my brothers, and my sisters, I have always been our employers,” she explains. My whole life has been like this. ”

This does not mean that his life was easy and the happiness of entrepreneurship always smiled at him. “Everything was difficult, actually. But I had no choice to continue or not. I had to survive.”

At the age of 22, she married a man who called her Musk, divorced at the age of 31, and has spent part of her life raising her three children alone.

Initially, she had her home office so she wouldn’t have to pay for childcare and lived with her three youngsters in apartments that weren’t always that big, including initially only a one-bedroom residence.

When she saw her children leave to join their father in Canada, she decided to go there as well, thus finding herself aged 41 in Toronto.

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Uprooted, away from the nutrition clinics that had successfully started her in South Africa, but decided to resume her career, she took the profession exams again to practice in Canada. She has reverted to parade and pretend for the ad campaigns. And ended up beating him.

Since then, she’s gone to San Francisco, then to New York, then to Los Angeles, and back to New York, and is still a model, particularly the face of CoverGirl.

But she’s been reviewing and presenting to a host of brands from around the world in the meantime – she’s finally pushed more for the nutrition – and over the past four years, she says, the demand for more variety among models has crossed new boundaries. “I’m now in the world of haute couture,” says the person who has already appeared on the front page of He. She Canada Which has been in many campaigns by Joe Fresh, the cheap Canadian brand, like Roger Vivier, the leading French luxury footwear brand.

If you want to get used to his photos, head over to mayemusk on Instagram or Twitter. “My friends find that I spend a lot of time on social media,” she says. “But we need it today.” The model states, “This is her main marketing tool.” “Before, you had to have a good portfolio. Now that is. Five hours a day are devoted to this.

ask for advice Instagram account

His other job? Promote your book A woman makes a plan And giving conferences to explain to the world the importance and relevance of women of all ages. But don’t expect the miracle diet to remain beautiful and healthy. Don’t believe in special diets, only foods rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods that are neither greasy nor sugary.

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Sports ? A little brisk walking on a treadmill, some weight training. Nothing crazy. But it’s just enough to keep it looking great.

She says when she started out as an adult model, she was frequently asked to smile.

Now, she says, she is told to be “strong and confident.”

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