In 2021, the Pinaults were the 16th fortune in … the United Kingdom

François-Henri Pinault is one of the UK’s biggest fortunes.

Fifth place in France in 2020, according to the magazine’s estimates ChallengesAnd the Al Pinault, heir Francois Henri and his wife Salma Hayek, And also goes up to The ranking of Great Britain’s largest fortunes in 2021. Sunday times Just posted Rich list »What distinguishes him in it, Entrepreneur Owner, Stade Rennais, In the French League 1.

The president of Stade Rennais is based in London

The interpretation can be found in the everyday life of François-Henri Pinault. Breton origin and his family, proud of him, manage the current affairs of the Kering Group (with € 13.1 billion in sales anyway, in 2020), from London where he resides. times His fortune is estimated at 8.675 billion pounds, an increase of 2.083 billion pounds, in the 2020 edition. The most prestigious British media puts it at 10 billion euros, the family wealth.

Unequally estimated fortune for the Pinault family

This is lower than in France (32 billion euros for a challenge), Or less than given in the United States by Forbes And the Bloomberg (45 billion). In the Sunday Times “Rich List 2021”, François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek are five places in the UK’s Richest Personalities ranking, from 21 to 16.

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