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Promoting Vietnam-UK relations at the age of Hin On competition1

Ambassador Nuen Hong Long attended an online meeting at the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK. Photo: VNA

LONDON (VNA) – The British Council for Geopolitical Strategy presented a study report in London on October 27 entitled “Improving Vietnam-UK Relations in the Age of Competition”.

At the event, Dr. Bill Hayden, one of the authors of the report, provided a summary of the relationship. Vietnam-United Kingdom, Highlights the common concerns of the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region and the opportunities for cooperation between them. He also put forward plans to improve bilateral relations in a number of areas.

hinh anh 2 Improving Vietnam-UK relations in the age of competition

Speaking at the event, James Rogers, Co-Founder and Director of Research for the UK Geostrategic Council, said the report evaluates current relations between the two countries and puts forward proposals to deepen the partnership. Vietnam-UK strategy in the coming years.

He stressed that the UK wants to improve and deepen its strategic relations with Vietnam, with the visits of British Foreign and Defense Ministers in June and July and a telephone call between Prime Ministers Bammin Chin and Boris Johnson on October 26. .

Speaking on the occasion, Vietnam’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Nguyen Hoang Long said that the United Kingdom should further enhance economic cooperation in areas such as manufacturing, mechanics, infrastructure construction and wind power.

The research report, entitled “Promoting Vietnam-UK Relations in a Competitive Time”, was prepared by Dr. Bill Hayden, one of the UK’s leading experts on Vietnam, and Professor John Hemings, an expert on geopolitics in the Indo – Pacific region. The report is based on the results of a research seminar on UK-Vietnam relations in early October and interviews with officials and experts from the United Kingdom, Vietnam and the United States. -VNA

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