Improving the business climate: US ready to support Congo

Congo ranked 180e Among the 190 countries in the Doing Business ranking issued by the World Bank in 2020. This means that the business climate needs to be improved, among other things, combating anti-values, particularly corruption in public administration. A situation that undoubtedly worries partners, including the United States of America. We discussed the possibility of maintaining exchanges between the US Embassy and the National Assembly Standing Committees in the future. We also talked about the business climate in Congo, and see if we can work together to improve this situation in order to attract more American companies to invest in the country.”Eugene Steward Young explained to the press.

The two also discussed issues related to the environment, specifically the fight against climate change. We discussed our respective priorities, particularly the environment and combating climate change. This is while the US Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, spoke in Dakar with the Congolese Minister responsible for the environment about a good partnership at the highest level of our governments.”Follow the American diplomat stationed in Brazzaville.

According to him, Isidore Mfuba knows very well the programs of the US government in the Congo, because he is a great friend of the USA. β€œIt is always special to have conversations with the highest authorities in this country.”Eugene Steward Young concluded.

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