Imprisonment Threats to GAFA’s Employers

The UK It is preparing to tighten the law related to it GAFA. According to Wall Street JournalBritish lawmakers are proposing to threaten the bosses of these companies A prison sentence If they disobey the law.

The United Kingdom wants to criminalize Internet bosses

In London, lawmakers are set to approve new legislation to further regulate social media practices. It provides To be held criminally liable If not the CEOs of major tech companies protect young Internet users from some online content. In fact, this online safety bill aims to better protect young people from fraud, obscene content or sexual abuse.

The Legal SchemeExpected to be approved by the House of Commons this week, technology companies will be required to remove content deemed illegal or prohibited. subject to fines or legal action. Indeed, the bosses of the giants will be responsible for their crime. The bill will then go to England’s upper house, the House of Lords, in February 2023, where it will be reviewed and become law by the end of the year.

The plan is part of a new wave of regulations aimed at big tech companies in Europe. We are obviously thinking of the Digital Services Act which will be implemented this year. Under the UK bill, Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, will be able to fine companies that break the law. 10% of their global annual revenue.

British Government Inspired by similar legislation passed last year in Ireland. Michelle Donelan, UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said the law ” Designed to catch cases of serious harm to children where senior managers, or those who intend to act as senior managers, have consented or been complicit in ignoring enforceable requirements. “.

Meta, Google and Twitter say they support the bill’s goals, but that such restrictions ” This can have unintended consequences for freedom of expression and digital privacy “. Web giants believe the bill was written, “ It risks creating an incentive to mass-remove all potentially infringing content “.

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