Imprisonment for those who do this! Will be fined

Imprisonment for those who do this! British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday that hotels introduced to control the spread of the new corona virus strain would impose fines on travelers coming to the UK from countries with separate epidemic risk. Reuters.

“We will impose fines on those who do not follow the rules. This includes a fine of ¬£ 1,000 for anyone coming from abroad who has not been subjected to mandatory testing,” Hancock told parliament.

“If the passenger lies on the location form and tries to cover up the fact that he was on a red list country for the last 10 days before coming here, he could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison,” he added. British Minister.

Imprisonment for those who do this! Hotels are isolated

The United Kingdom on Friday decided to isolate people from 33 countries from hotels for 10 days from 15 to 15 February. This red list includes Portugal, South Africa, all South American states and the United Arab Emirates.

The new operation is primarily aimed at British citizens returning to the United Kingdom. Non-residents of the United Kingdom are already barred from entering those countries.

A thousand are expected to return

The British Health Ministry said on Friday that the move was aimed at curbing the spread of new strains of the corona virus in Brazil and South Africa.

According to BBCIn the first hour after the new isolation rules regarding COVID-19 were confirmed, the London government booked thousands of hotel rooms. Authorities expect an average of 1,000 people to return to the UK each day from new breeding grounds for the corona virus.

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