Impossible “peaceful coexistence” between the United States and China

When Henry Kissinger visited Beijing in 1971, diplomacy between China and the United States may have been secret, which was not disclosed to US intelligence; It will draw attention on Thursday, March 18, in Alaska, as the first official meeting of the “Biden era” between the ambassadors of the two presidents. Between these two events, half a century of beliefs, illusions and disappointments.

The motives of these two meetings were not the same: Machiavellian Kissinger, an adviser to then-President Richard Nixon in 1971, certainly had Sino-American historical stakes in mind when he met the old Mao Zedong, but above all he thought… The Soviet Union surprised a major Cold War rival with a reverse alliance .

Beijing-Washington rival abuse abuses Europe… The “next world” is already here

In 2021, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blingen and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan will meet with two top foreign affairs officials, Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi, two close foreign policy collaborators of Joe Biden. See if there are two giants of XXIe The century may come for a conversation about how to disagree without going to war. During the Cold War, we called it “peaceful coexistence”, the expression of which was obsolete, but

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