Imminent certification of Falcon 6X

The European Business Aviation Show EBACE (Geneva, 23-25 ​​May 2023), Dassault is showcasing its third Falcon 6X in its flight test programme. The aircraft manufacturer plans to obtain certification in the coming weeks, followed by entry into service.

The Falcon 6X offered by Dassault is equipped with the statics of the EBACE show in full. Thus, visitors can discover the cabin, which received the prestigious Red Dot Award for its elegant, modern design. During a global test campaign lasting more than 100 hours, passengers were able to appreciate its comfort, low noise level and reliable high-speed connectivity. The 6X has the largest cabin cross-section in business aviation, with a height of up to ninety-one metres. Only the Falcon 10x will offer a higher cabin height.

Getting the Falcon 6X certified is just a matter of weeks, Dassault CEO Eric Trappier says on the Ebace forum. The aircraft recently completed its flight certification test program after accumulating 1,480 flight hours in 580 flights. It is planned to enter service after obtaining the certificate. Even if the various national certifications (USA, Great Britain, Canada, China, etc.) 8X. The cooperation between the different agencies is not at its best at the moment…

Whatever happens, service centers that provide customer support are ready all over the world, as the manufacturer says. A state-of-the-art CAE simulator in operation at the CAE Training Center in Burgess Hill, UK. Type 1 ratings should start soon. A dedicated team has been formed to manage and coordinate all training and service entry activities.

In the Falcon range, with its range of 5,500 Nm, the Falcon 6X is sandwiched between the Falcon 7X (5,950 NM) and the Falcon 8X (6,450 NM).

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