Immigration: The UK wants to tighten the asylum system

London | The British government on Wednesday reformed the asylum system to no longer give the same rights to people who entered it legally or illegally, which Brexit continued to promise was considered “inhumane” by the Red Cross.

In front of the delegates, at the General Assembly, Home Minister Priti Patel presented her plan as “the most important alternative to our asylum system for decades”.

Described as “fair but firm” it aims to encourage illegal immigration and plans to treat asylum seekers differently depending on whether they have entered the country legally or illegally.

“Many of those who have come illegally into the United Kingdom have crossed into a safe country like France, where they must have applied for asylum,” said the minister, who wants to encourage this illegal entry.

Immigrants who have entered the UK illegally and if the application for asylum is successful will receive new, temporary, security status, and do not have an automatic right to immigrate. Their rights to family reunification and access to social benefits will be limited.

Refusal to apply for asylum will be “immediately” deported from the UK.

At the same time, “legal and safe” ways to seek asylum in the UK will be developed.

“We are moving forward today with determination to fight illegal entry, punish traffickers and protect those in need of genuine asylum,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted.

Tightening immigration conditions was a labor for supporters of the now-passed Brexit, which ended the independent movement between the UK and the countries in the European Union.

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Last year, 8,500 people crossed the Channel in a small boat and entered the UK, with the majority seeking asylum on British soil once, according to ministry figures.

Mike Adamson, director general of the British Red Cross, responded: “These plans create an unjust two-tier system in which a person’s case and the support they receive determine how they entered the country, but not their security. It is inhumane.”

The opposition Labor Party has ruled that it will “do nothing to prevent dangerous journeys” to reach the UK.

According to government plans, fines for immigrants attempting to enter the country illegally will be increased, and traffickers will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, as the press has reported in recent months, there has been no announcement of asylum seekers arriving illegally in regions such as Gibraltar waiting for their claim to be processed or even returning in old boats.

Priti Patel said “all options”, including the “recommendation for third countries”, would be considered.

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