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After hearing the push notification sound, a scene of a dance battle accompanied by flashing lights appears in front of you and your friends. This is just a small part of the modern virtual experience available at Future Gen House.

The Future Gen House is a place where Gen Z can be fully immersed in the super connected experience offered by Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings.

SmartThings delivers a fully connected device experience that adapts to the user’s lifestyle. It not only connects Samsung products and services, but also other smart devices. Appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. are all connected organically to create a personal space and experience based on user needs.

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To identify and connect Gen Z with SmartThings, I created the Samsung Future Gen House.

Building on the popular Gen Z trend of home sharing, the Future Gen House is equipped with a suite of Samsung products all connected to SmartThings.

Inside the Future Gen House, each space is designed and organized around one of five different Gen Z interest categories, including gaming, entertainment, sports, fitness, cooking and dining design. There are also common spaces, including the living room and dining room, where visitors can chat and interact with each other.

▲ Future Gen House group photos in Korea and UK

Samsung Gen Z employees from Future Generation Lab, influencers, and Generation Z students moved home and lived together in the house for two weeks. While at the Future Gen House, they interacted with Samsung and SmartThings products and created unique scenarios based on their preferences and lifestyles.

Take a look at some of the exciting and unique experiences that visitors to Generation Z have had at the Future Gen House in the videos below:

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Remote Dance Battle: Have real-time online dance battles with your friends

When a friend sends you a specific keyword, the pre-set remote dance mode is automatically activated by recognizing the keywords. Sero, Samsung 4K Smart TV and smart lighting are turned on, and the smartphone screen is connected to the Sero via the Smart View function during a video call.

Now it’s time to enjoy the remote dance battle with your friends. You can change the color of the lighting with a smart button to set the mood. With SmartThings, users can enjoy a superior connection experience with their loved ones, even when they are far away.

Your own gym, gym and our gym: create your own gym by simply selecting your smartphone

Turn your shared gym into your own home gym with SmartThings. Simply attach your smartphone to the NFC sticker on the wall and enjoy your fitness mode. Fitness mode, which is preset by users, offers activities such as dance, yoga and boxing mode. You can make anywhere your personal space using SmartThings.

on meBIRTHDAY PARTY: A super easy way to plan a surprise party

The moment you turn off the stove after preparing a meal for your friend’s birthday, the pre-set birthday party mode is activated. A happy birthday message appears on The Frame, Samsung’s lifestyle TV, and the space where the party will be held is decorated with lights. By setting up SmartThings’ easy-to-use Birthday Party mode, users can enjoy precious moments and create more lasting memories on special occasions.

SmartThings Mural Challenge: Create your own mural with the click of the S Pen

With SmartThings, you can bring your artwork into a room and create a mural with it. With a single click of the S Pen button, the wall drawing mode preset creates the perfect mood for mural design. When the Galaxy Tab S8+ is connected to Samsung’s easy-to-use Freestyle portable projector, you can display your artwork on the wall and simply draw on it, giving you the ability to easily create new artwork.

SmartThings scenarios created at Future Gen House in Korea and the UK have been turned into videos and shared as a 30-episode series. These videos use a fast-paced editing style, popular among Generation Z, along with catchy and addictive songs that repeat key messages like “Future Gen House,” “SmartThings,” and “#LiveYourFree.” These videos are available on Samsung’s official Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, as well as Instagram or TikTok co-influencers’ accounts as of August 11. In the second half of this year, the “Future Gen House” will open to more countries, including those in Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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