Images. Travel to the United States: Rennes meets resident Amish

Etienne Atiyah spent three weeks in close contact with the Amish community in the United States. (© Etienne Athea)

Etienne Athea was impressed by the population Amish. Antique merchant and photographer, this Renz Constantly passingEast America 6 years to meet them.

Again Renz Then A three week trip In Ohio and Pennsylvania, Etienne returns Renz News In the milestones where he stayed American Special moments he spent with members of this diverse community.

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the Amish community

His journey begins Lancaster, A city in the state of Pennsylvania, about an hour from Philadelphia. “Here is the origin of the Amish community. By covering up any technological advancement they are truly true to their identity, ”explains the traveler.

Many Amish people explain that they will lose their uniqueness by being too open to modernity. Those who cannot reduce too much do not want to submit to the test.

எட்டியென் அதீயா

Because, if this population is so reluctant to trust the outside world, it is Have full autonomy.

Cell phones, gas-powered lights, cash registers without electricity or even horse-drawn carriages are no longer a means of transportation … The Amish way of life has not changed. 19th century.

Gas lamp in a house in the Amish community. (© Etienne Athea)

Who are the Amish?

The Amish population is a Christian community, originally from Alsace and German-speaking Switzerland. Their lifestyle is mainly based on rejecting any technological advancement from the industrial era.

Countless stores

However, Economy Not without. “Lancaster has a very important trading village. There are many creams with homemade ice cream or textile shops in which men like to customize their straw hats, ”says Etienne.

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Because there really is An “Style Amish”. The white beanie and long dress are loose enough for women. Men’s wide pants, long black beard and straw hat. “Clothes are always very dark, always gray or black.”

The Amish community has a very unique style of dress. (© Etienne Athea)

Do Shopping in store It is also an increasingly common hobby. “I remember a mother going with her son in a horse-drawn carriage one afternoon in the Amish trading village. They told me they went to eat pizza like any average American, ”explains the traveler from Rennes.

A mother and her son from the Amish community return to the trading village in a horse-drawn carriage. (© Etienne Athea)

Some are taking a step towards modernity

Etienne continues her journey in the state Ohio, West of Lancaster. If the Amish community is also established there, it provides Some differences With Pennsylvania.

I had the feeling that the Amish in Ohio were very open to modernity. They are starting to get the first generation of cell phones, cell phones are becoming more accepted and easier to talk to strangers.

An Amish merchant with electrical appliances on his dairy farm. (© Etienne Athea)

That too during this tripEtienne enters an Amish house. “I ate at their table for three days. I may have slept there, but I did not want to, ”he recalled.

Despite these happy moments, Etienne was unable to attend many times Prayers, Is ubiquitous in the lifestyle of this community. “This is a precious moment for them, where they want to have a certain amount of privacy. I do not agree with their participation or participation.”

Cell Phones and Electric Bicycles

According to Etienne Athea, the Amish are overrepresented Practical In their relationship with technology. “Some understand that progress is possible Useful For their business or for their personal satisfaction. I noticed it especially among Ohio members, especially young people.

This change in mood, for example, is illustrated in their mode of transport. “In Ohio, horse-drawn carriages are increasingly being replaced by electric bikes,” the activist smiles.

We see a lot of electric bikes or scooters.

எட்டியென் அதீயா
Getting around on an electric bike is more common among the Amish people. (© Etienne Athea)

And Amish also agrees to get in the car. “As a passenger but not as a driver,” Etienne explains. ” They will not hesitate to go in taxis anymore We have to cover many kilometers, ”says Rennes.

Many projects in mind

After spending three weeks in the United States, Etienne returned with her hands full Photos And Videos. “Now I have to sort all my pictures to complete my projects,” he explains.

The photographer will like it first Display their photos At the Franco-American Institute, at Renz. “My photos have already been displayed, but it was from the September 11, 2001 attacks”. Etienne wants to do that A video report Where Write a book About the Amish community.

Beyond plans, Etienne has not forgotten his first interest: Traveler. He especially wants to return to the United States from 2022 to find the Amish population.

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