If you have a car that pollutes a lot, Google Maps will show you where you can no longer drive

Google Maps will publish a new feature that will show you restricted low emission areas in some highly polluting vehicles. The idea is to educate drivers about maintaining air quality, and encourage some to choose a road or other mode of transportation.

Google Maps

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the low emission areas (ZFE) will now have the right to an entire location on Google Maps. As a reminder, the ZFE defines an perimeter where only the least polluting vehicles are allowed to move, according to Crit’Air certification and rules set by the municipality.

Today in France, Greater Paris, the city of Grenoble and Lyon have implemented such rules. Since June 1, 2021, the French capital has banned vehicles classified as Crit’Air 4 from traveling in Greater Paris. By 2024, no more diesel cars will be accepted.

warning system

This initiative aims to protect the population of a cluster where air pollution is important. And Google seems to tend to highlight this kind of progress, particularly by integrating it into Google Maps via an EPZ-linked alert system. This type of alert can occur when planning a route or when approaching an area during your trip.

What is certain is that the driver behind the wheel of a vehicle that pollutes a lot will know that they are not allowed to drive within the perimeter in question.

By clicking on the alert, the user can access “More information about vehicle restrictions in the regionFrom these elements, the driver is free to take another route or even choose another means of transportation, the Mountain View company hopes.

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Other cities will benefit

To do this, Google relied on data from local governments, data providers, and transportation authorities. Paris isn’t the only city involved: Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and London have a right, too. In the future, other conglomerates will also benefit from this new functionality.

Here, Google does not want to force you or force you to avoid these domains. Above all, the American group strives to educate drivers about low-emission areas and maintain air quality. But also to warn the persons and vehicles concerned that their presence in these areas is not acceptable.

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