“If the public can’t come to the theater, we’ll put the theater out!”

What if the future of the play was played outdoors? This spring, “Trust Theaters” are being set up throughout the United Kingdom, in urban parks or in the middle of the woods, ready to welcome visitors who have been attracted to the show for months. Among their advertisers, tired of waiting for an imaginary reopening of theaters, Dominance dominates.

Unrestrained barriers, screaming saplings த்தில் In the silence of the British prison, unusual construction noises are heard. There is no new real estate complex or renovated space that is being built with open-air theater grids, unused sites or remote development in any background.

In Hockney, a London district famous for its canals bordering Brownfields adorned with street art, the Arcola Theater generally enlivens the cultural life of the surrounding area. Covid has been on duty, for a year, unable to open its doors, and a good portion of its team is technically unemployed. Tired of waiting for an imaginary re-opening, its deputy art director Leila Nusley later decided: “If we can’t bring the public to our theater, we will put the theater out”, He explained in a podcast. So, against the grains of most cultural institutions, many employees and technicians were re-hired to outsource the programming and production of a new show, the opening of which is guaranteed in June.

Elsewhere, from city lights, a Suffolk forest takes the form of an amphitheater in a ditch carved by World War II bombings. Dreamed of this natural setting A Midsummer Night Story By Shakespeare – which is already planned there – the physical distance for two hundred people from next May, and three hundred and fifty people can stay in the normal arrangement. If everything goes well. Silas Rainer dreamed of this theater for a long time. The events of the maker of this event had to come to an abrupt end, because of the epidemic, he had to devote himself completely.

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A more democratic approach to drama

Brave, these outdoor projects may prove to be life-saving in the long run. “It may take a while for spectators to come out of the theater again. Even if the vaccine works, I think people will be wary of the closed environment ”, Analysis Leila Nusley, in Guardian. « We have all changed. The world and cultural practices cannot be the same as before the epidemic. We need to renew ourselves ”, Says Lindy O’Hare, coordinator of the Thorington Theater. Although it means looking back, the vision of these new scenes inevitably refers to antique or wrestling plays.

Excited, the actors involved in these projects, as Lindy O’Hare explains, claim a more democratic approach to theater. “Open-air theaters are less upscale because they are less intimidating. We do not wear chic outfits, but should be warm. Opening outdoors gives an accessible feeling.” As for the question of weather, which may seem important to us, it is clearly not in the UK: « Not a drop of rain, it prevents the British from supporting the theater ”, Lindy O’Hare is almost angry.

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