If a company tells us that it cannot provide the vaccine to the EU, it is fair to know what it offers to others.

European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and European Transport Commissioner Adina Whelan have called for transparency in the targeting of certain vaccines produced in the EU, according to an editorial by DG24.ro. . For this purpose, a transparency and recognition mechanism has been introduced.

“We do not want to impose restrictions on companies that respect their contracts – we have approved two exports to Canada and one to the United Kingdom. But if one company tells us that it cannot respect its orders to the EU, it is fair to know what it is giving to others,” two European Commission officials said.

EU countries will receive about 33 million additional volumes in February and 55 million in March. In the second quarter of 2021, according to conservative estimates, an additional 300 million doses should be given.

However, there have been problems with vaccination recently.

“We understand that some companies have problems with mass production. In the end, such an increase in production is unprecedented. Recently, a company’s general manager told us that in 2019, they produced 100,000 doses of vaccines. This year they want to produce a billion! This is an incredible growth and this We welcome efforts, but we also need transparency about the purpose of these vaccines, which is especially true when a company does not live up to its promises to the EU. Valian kidnaps.

Author: R.K.

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