I went to space with a statue of the Virgin in my pocket.

Nearly 20 years later, Philip Perrin’s voice still feels emotionally charged when he talks about his stay in space. This former fighter pilot spent 14 days on the International Space Station in June 2002. The mission is short but intense as it led to three EVA flights for the French. Three moments when an astronaut encounters space void, protected by a simple space suit, to connect new systems to the station.

On his return, after a few years in service with the European Space Agency (ESA), the astronaut became a test pilot for Airbus. He is now the deputy mayor of Toulouse. to me Life, Philip Perrin shared his memories of space, and the Wonderland in front of the blue planet felt as if it were hanging in a void, but she was also involved in spiritual research into the origin of his astronaut career.

I lived 14 days on board the International Space Station in June 2002. What does life look like in zero gravity?

We Earthlings have used hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to stand up so straight that we have finally forgotten about gravity, this tremendous force exerting on us. With weightlessness, all restrictions are erased, which can plunge us into a state of euphoria. Suddenly you find yourself very light, perhaps like a baby in your mother’s womb. It almost feels normal.

The experiment is so strong that it’s hard to bear gravity on Earth.

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