I was in custody in America

Hello Nagui, Hello Leela, Hello Daniel, Hello everyone!

How is everyone today? Well, hear me out.

very happy to meet you. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other there. The main reason was that I was absent for business reasons, such as “going on vacation”. You may not notice in my tan. Actually, I’m back from a holiday, but the All Saints Day holiday.

I had the chance to travel a bit during the summer anyway. I had gone to visit America. It’s not really that far, you go to Charles de Gaulle and then, it’s 7 hours straight.

So I thought it would be a relatively quiet vacation, and then when I got there, I was stopped by customs. There I said to myself, “Hey, that’s not usually on the Grand Canyon project.”

When I actually arrived, a customs official asked me what I was doing in America. And frankly, I don’t speak English that well. Especially at customs, since I found out it’s not in France Inter, if you’re wrong on an answer, there’s no superbank. If they ask for your first name, you can’t just answer, “Oh, The Rita Mitsuko.”

Those customs questions are a bit complicated, I find in addition. They said to me: “What is going to be away?”. I replied “Yes, of course, in a completely concrete way. I will say more, Brian is in the kitchen.

After two exchanges, a customs officer demanded my passport, deciding that it was now “his” passport. I know that because he said to me “Your bitch, now that’s my passport”. Despite all the nuances of the English language, I understood the message relatively well.

So I don’t know if some or some of you have already found yourself in the situation of Sans Passeport Fixe, but it’s a relatively unstable situation. I don’t recommend the activity if you are prone to occasional anxiety attacks.

Then he decided to put me in a small room with other queer people who didn’t get past the chicken stage of customs. There I said to myself, “I must build a dam against a Mexican to gain access to America.”

Listen and find out the rest in the video!

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