“I panicked!” Amy Lee Hickman (Nadia) reacts to her terrible final streak

Newcomer in season 4 of the You, the second installment of the Netflix catalog out Thursday, March 9, Amy-Leigh Hickman stars as bright young Nadia, a college student who’s too smart for her own good. As she develops a friendly relationship with Joe Goldberg in the early part of Season 4, she then discovers some of his secrets. By trying to corner him, she finds herself in a precarious situation and discovers a more dangerous side of Joe. The actress talks about her last difficult sequence and her experience on set.

I loved playing amateur detectives

Télé-Loisirs: Were you a fan of the series and were you inspired by previous seasons?
Amy Lee Hickman:
Yes, I am a fan and have watched all seasons. I had seen the third shortly before my audition so it was fresh in my mind which was a plus. You is one of those chains that we stay imbued with for a very long time after we’ve seen it.

How did you prepare to play the role of Nadia?
I have read a lot ofWhodunnits (Detective novels, editor’s notes) And Agatha Christie wrote, because I wanted to understand why Nadia was so passionate about this kind of literature and understand why she made these decisions. That’s the main thing I did and it was really nice to set up a character like that.

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You are the heroine of a somewhat separate plot with Joe, how did it go?
It was so much fun, I felt lucky to be able to play so many different things with the character Nadia. I see both a very good and very bad side of Joe, which was fun to play. I also loved playing amateur detectives and managed to get scenes where the famous cage is! You’ve been able to do some really cool things, I’m so grateful!

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It was a relief to have Penn Badgley with me.

What’s more fun: playing with good Joe or bad Joe?
Monday. In terms of scenes, I played with Joe more when he’s a cute teacher. At the end of the series, he shows his true face. I really enjoyed the scenes where Joe is cute because you often don’t get to see that side of him on the show, and it was nice to be able to show his humanity.

How did you prepare for that terrible series finale with Joe?
I didn’t know at all what I was going to do… Normally I have an exact idea in my head but there it was, I just started out like I didn’t know what was going to happen in the scene. It all happened so fast and it was instinctive. I made sure I knew the script inside out so there was room to improvise a bit. This sequence corresponded to my last day of shooting, so there was a certain resonance, that was the end. Penn Badgley was fantastic, and I could always turn to him when needed.

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How did you work together?
There was part preliminary work and part instinct. A lot of our scenes in the beginning were literature discussions where we were trying to help each other, so it was a good way to get to know each other. But for the final sequence, I was a little intimidated, and it was really a relief to have him with me.

How would you describe your experience on this season 4 of You?
It was great to play a strong and intelligent young woman, and that’s one of the aspects that appealed to me the most in playing Nadia and that I hope she brings to life on screen. It works so well until the last scene! You acted to do good without expecting anything in return. She had nothing to gain from any of this. I’m proud to have played such a character.

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