“I had a moment when I said to myself, Shall I continue?” Melanie de Jesus dos Santos doubts before her trip to the United States


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The Frenchwoman will begin training in the United States at the end of April with the 2024 Paris Olympics in sight.

After the missed Olympics in Tokyo, gymnast Melanie de Jesus dos Santos needed to break away from her sport. Finished four times European champion Eleventh place in the general artistic gymnastics competition In Tokyo last summer. her disappointment. “I had a moment where I was like, ‘Do I keep working?” , Then I wondered.

She found the answer to her question a few weeks later in the United States. Inviting her on a celebratory tour organized by American champion Simone Biles, she rediscovered her sport. “I did gymnastics differently. I danced and had fun with the audience. It was so good and I thought I couldn’t stop”, She trusts. So, after I asked Simone Biles for advice, Melanie de Jesus dos Santos decided to take a dive and cross the Atlantic Ocean to come and train there in hopes of reviving Paris 2024. Her new adventure will begin at the end of April, in Houston (Texas), the city where Simone Biles also trains.

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