Hyundai Mobis introduced a vertical pivot screen for an integrated automotive cockpit system

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  • Development of a 34-inch ultra-wide screen that rotates around a vertical axis in the cockpit.
  • Unique large screen displays driving information and controls infotainment functions…Visibility is improved thanks to Triple Curved Surface Technology.
  • New convergence technology combines know-how with core component technology and advanced technology… Ten patents have been filed at home and abroad.

Seoul, South KoreaAnd May 23 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hyundai Mobis (KRX: 012330) has developed the world’s first adjustable screen technology for an integrated automotive cockpit system, as announced on the 22nd. This new technology, optimized for self-driving vehicles, has adopted a new concept in motion, curved ultra-wide screen. It is also called rotating display because the screen can be moved up and down.

This adjustable monitor features a 34-inch wide screen and is equipped with OLED panels 6 kilo Very high accuracy. At present, the 34-inch car monitor is known as the largest among the car monitors, because it is facing difficult quality conditions, such as durability and reliability. The company specifically designed this giant screen as a multi-curved screen that curves in three points, from top to bottom. This structure not only provides a better view for the user, but also adds to the overall aesthetic impact in terms of design.

Hyundai Mobis CI

The screen extends from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, and is capable of displaying a variety of content, including various driving and navigation information as well as music and videos, so you can enjoy personalized content on the full screen in a self-driving environment. You can also rotate it towards the driver’s seat and use a small screen that displays minimal information for a feeling of openness.

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Despite its large size, this monitor has only one screen, which means that you can watch a video, for example, in full screen mode when the car is engaged in self-driving. You can also control the content in several ways, including touching the screen and using gestures.

As part of the development of this new technology, Hyundai Mobis has filed ten patent applications in Korea and abroad. It was not easy to develop a mobile phone screen that was meant to be used in a moving car. The company has applied for patents, for example, for axial display layout and position control technology and an integrated cockpit design.

The technical know-how that the company has gained as a major producer of cockpit modules, which is one of three main modules for automobiles, has enabled Hyundai Mobis to develop this coaxial display technology.

About HyundaiMOBIS

Hyundai Mobis No. 7 in the global automotive sector. Its headquarters is Seoul, Korea. HyundaiMobis has outstanding expertise in sensors, sensor integration in ECUs, and software development for safety monitoring. The company’s products also include various components for electrical, brakes, chassis, suspension, steering, airbags, lighting and automotive electronics. In addition to its research and development headquarters in Korea, HyundaiMobis operates four technology centers in Germany, China, India and the United States.

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