Hypnotic on Netflix: What is this exciting movie with Kate Siegel?

Introducing “Hypnotique”, an American psychological thriller that joins the catalog of the popular Red Logo platform. In the bill for this horror movie, we find the excellent Kate Siegel.

hypnotic : what is he talking about ?

Conspiracyhypnotic It revolves around Jane’s character. The hero of the story knows a very bad time In his life – both personally and professionally. In an attempt to get out of this vicious circle, I decided to enlist the services of a hypnologist. But if the heroine has a gradual impression of her coming out, then some strange events do not take long to occur. It doesn’t take Jane long to fall into a terrible trap It is characterized by manipulation. Will you succeed in getting out of the clutches of those who allow themselves to do so play with your conscience before it’s too late?

when writinghypnotic, we find Richard de Ovidio (Connection), Matt Angel (SWATand Suzanne Coteopen house). The latter two also serve as directors for the feature film! The subject of hypnosis reminds us of the movie trance by Danny Boyle, can be used here Relatively similar point for the latter Invisible ManIn the sense that it depicts a woman victim of the actions of a narcissistic pervert.

hypnotic : with who ?

Kate Siegel, a talented actress who is accustomed to horror shows, plays the main role in the feature film. Fans of this genre will be able to meet her already at the beginning of the series Mike Flanagan – her husband in the city – from HOTING OF HILL HOUSE to me Midnight Mass. The actress has also appeared in many horror films such as no sound Based on JesseStephen King quote.

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hypnotic © Netflix

Actor Jason O’Mara (The man in the high castle) explains the dangerous psychotherapist whom the protagonist meets. Dolly Hill (Suits: avocado to order), Lucy Guest (Sabrina’s new adventures), Jaime Calica (drawing nancy) or Tanya Dixon-Warren (good doctorThey are also part of the casthypnotic.

Where and when do you watch the feature film?

You can now dive in hypnoticAnd Available on Netflix !

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