Hurricane Mindy hit the Florida coast

Florida Emergency Management Agency warns of floods and hurricanes

The US Hurricane Center sounds the alarm. Hours after making landfall in the Gulf of Mexico, a tropical storm called Mindy made landfall off the coast of Florida on Wednesday. Its route will bring heavy rainfall across the US state and its neighbor Georgia.

Mindy first landed in the evening on St. Vincent Island, a short distance from the town of Apalachicola in the northwestern United States. It moves at a speed of 33 km / h in the northeast, with winds blowing up to 45 km / h.

Fear of floods and hurricanes

“Flood and hurricane potential,” Florida Emergency Management Agency urged residents to closely monitor authorities’ warning notices.

Nicknamed the “Sunshine State”, Florida is still used to passing hurricanes and hurricanes. But scientists warn that these chapters will become more powerful as the ocean surface warms. In particular, they pose a greater risk to coastal communities.

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