Hurricane Fiona: Legault suspends campaign “until further notice” | Quebec elections 2022

I am in Quebec in contact with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the Government. Under these circumstances, I have canceled my planned activities for tomorrow and suspended our election tour until further notice.wrote on Twitter.

Fiona, which has been developing for several days in the Atlantic, is expected to reach the Maritimes overnight from Friday to Saturday.

Already, experts estimate that it could be so The worst storm to hit Canada in 20 years. The island of Ile de la Madeleine, as well as part of the eastern part of the province, is on its way.

François Legault also sent a message to the inhabitants of these regions. We think of the people of the North Coast and the Gaspé and Magdalen Islands. It looks like Hurricane Fiona is heading straight for the islands. We hope for the best, but the government is all readywrote on Twitter.

You made the Madeleines strong. Know that all of Quebec is with you. »

Quote from François Legault, outgoing Prime Minister of Quebec

Quebec Solidere cancels press briefing

It’s time for solidarityQuebec Solidere spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, wrote on Twitter in response to Mr Legault’s announcement.

He has chosen to cancel his press conference scheduled for Saturday morning, but is continuing his other electoral activities for the time being. He added on Twitter, however, that his team will reevaluateThe schedule depends on the development of the situation.

He also wanted to send a message to the people of Quebec that they would have to weather the storm. The bravery of the people of the North Shore, the Magdalene and Gaspezi islands. Quebec is with youhe wrote.

“Everyone is on alert,” according to Anglade

At the other end of the county, on the sidelines of a military event in Gatineau, the liberal leader said her team is in contact with teams of other political parties to follow the development of the situation. At the moment, she does not envision a break in her electoral activities.

Everyone is on alert and waiting to see how things unfold. We’ll wait to see how it goesShe immediately told reporters.

From her point of view, The most important message to send today is for people to be safe and to take all necessary measures.

We are in the process of thinking about the security of the worldshe added.

For his part, PQ party leader Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon wrote on Twitter that he was watching situation closely. The status of his campaign for days is still a mystery, after the leader had to Friday activities canceled due to flu symptoms.

For his part, Governor Eric Duhemy indicated that his campaign schedule will remain unchanged for the time being.

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