Human Rights Watch calls for greater diplomatic boycott of the Olympics

It is clear that the Chinese government is using the Beijing Games to whitewash or hide its terrible repression under sporting exploitsMr. Roth said in an interview with AFP.

He was speaking before the publication of the NGO’s annual report on alleged human rights violations around the world.

He said more countries should refuse to send government officials to attend the event, which begins on February 4.

The United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom announced that they will not send an official representation due to Ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang and other human rights violations.

On the other hand, athletes from these countries will participate well in competitions.

Kenneth Roth thinks so Countries cannot pretend that all is well. The international community should join the diplomatic boycott of the Games, this is the bare minimum.

When asked about the remarks on Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused Human Rights Watch of committing them. As always full of prejudice Based on Make up lies for the purpose of sow discord.

Miserable words and deeds [de HRW] Those who aim to harm the Olympic cause will never achieve their goalsMinistry spokesman Wang Wenbin told the press.

Kenneth Roth also targeted sponsors. Instead of helping with money laundering, they should shed light on what is happening in Xinjiang, he added.

Tesla logo on the front of the Model S.

Photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Elon Musk and his car company Tesla, who have just announced the opening of a showroom in Xinjiang, have attacked.

Every company should do everything they can to endorse or legitimize the Chinese government’s campaignMr. Roth explained, thinking Tesla would go completely against the current.

Many foreign car brands have outlets all over China, including this region.

On the other hand, Kenneth Roth praised the recent US legislation banning all imports from Xinjiang unless the importer can prove that the product is free of any coercive action.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who is scheduled to go to the Games, criticized the For their complete silence and their refusal to criticize the Chinese government.

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