“Hùmaï”, the new exhibition that visits the Espace Lale

This Thursday, July 20 the new exhibition space Lally opens. It is dedicated to the artist Jean-Michel Solves and is called “Homa”. “It’s a made-up word, I’m always so inspired by names, and I come up with cool names for my dogs”says the artist.

Born in 1955, graduated from the École Normale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1983, this Parisian of origin traveled and exhibited all over the world before settling in Beziers, in 2019. Jean-Michel Solvay has always been a painter and sculptor since his discovery, in the 1990s, of the work of Germaine Richier.

Signs and symbols of ancestors

This is how he presents, in Lally Space, which he first discovered as a simple visitor, very diverse but unifying works. “It’s not retrospective, it’s choices I made based on the show, Exposes the artist. When I brought in the works, the color imposed itself.”

The impact of his travels is evident in his colors and his hieratic image. We think of Africa or Asia, however Continents don’t matter.Jean-Michel Solvès launches. continues: “Humanity is very important. Persistence is important too, colors and elements too. I use imprint to represent the human being in my pictorial work, as if there were an original matrix that is undifferentiated but creates distinct characters.” In addition to the enigmatic figures, his creations depict signs and symbols of ancestral writing as he writes through them Domestic travel diary by “aesthetic necessity”.

The exhibition is scheduled to be visited until October 14 at Espace Lally, located at 31 rue du 4 Septembre.
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