Huawei P50 could ditch Android and introduce new Petal services

In the coming weeks, Huawei may announce the finalization of its HarmonyOS operating system. After three beta versions (the first two are already available, the third will arrive soon), the new OS from the Chinese manufacturer is considered stable.

On Chinese social networks, several Dropouts Claiming that HarmonyOS will be preinstalled on future P50s. These will be the first Huawei smartphones to be sold without Android.

The Petal brand to replace Google?

Of course, those who follow tech seriously know that HarmonyOS is as well Accused of being a clone of Android 10. Huawei OS is almost identical to the version Open source In Google, which explains why the Chinese were able to complete it so quickly.
All Android apps run normally on HarmonyOS which of course remains private from Google services, and therefore from Play Store. Ultimately, Huawei will undoubtedly develop HarmonyOS in another direction, but the first releases should not destabilize the users.

According to this itself DropoutsHuawei will continue the strategy it started with Petal search And the Petal mapsThat is, replacing each Google service one by one using partnerships. Petal Assistant (which will replace the very bad Celia), Petal Vision (the Google Lens equivalent for augmented reality?) And Petal Keyboard (which might come as a surprise given Microsoft’s partnership for SwitftKey Keyboard) will be the next services launched by brand.

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In the coming weeks, Huawei is expected to speak publicly about HarmonyOS. Later on, the brand must tell us if these rumors about the P50 are true. Given the severity of the US sanctions, we don’t see why the brand is denying itself this potential independence.

Source : Gizmochina

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